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2020 is the new black, and after this year we’ve had so far, it is time to tweak, pivot and rebrand in line with our vision and mission work.

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I have started a Facebook Group called

Creative Female Entrepreneurs GO LIVE!

The group will help women be seen and share their message and mission across all social platforms. I love leading groups and will always make them engaging and connected, so if you fit the bill and want. to know more – you know what to do!

You are in the right place if you are looking to nail your time, productivity, process and value creativity, professionalism, determination, wholeheartedness, wellbeing, and connection.

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I always ensure my guests are experts that are the undiscovered gems of this world! Y’know the true innovators and artists doing the work with substance.
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I am going to Stage Manage you to the max!

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Why Float?

Borne of the idea that in modern times we just need to Float. To make space, move into flow and allow the creativity to come to the surface.

In this hyper connected life, we are often challenged by the never ending emails, scroll of the social feed, commitment to work, and balancing family and friends.

We are challenged with a tsunami of tasks that can often feel overwhelming. For us, it is pretty much a lop-sided affair (and that’s okay) but to survive, we come back to water and learn new ways to thrive. We Float.

Unlike other time management and productivity programs, you don’t have to be a pinned up, boxed in, perfection seeking robot.

We know exactly how to go with the tide, when to swim across the rips, how to last the distance, when to conserve energy and when to focus, dig in and power to the finish. We work smart, flexibly and fluidly.

Change is not easy. Feelings of overwhelm can creep up, or you may have even experienced true burn out, as you try to come up with new strategies on your own. I know exactly how this feels. I have spent a lot of time researching, deconstructing, burning to the ground and rebuilding.

I’ve got this!

I’ll hold your hand (virtually) and assist you in moving forward from small baby steps to flat-out sprint running, all from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be dipping your toe in the water and quickly deep diving into the work.

I have mastered how to Float.

Come Float with me – become part of my community!

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About Us

Founder Joy Pereira has pivoted successfully from executing a lifetime’s worth of seamless professional productions and events; to bringing a fresh twist by working with clients in the digital space, to foster time management, creativity, leadership, productivity and overall wellbeing.

“Translating these skills to the “everyman” is critical, to truly live the life that you deserve. To give you more insight and clarity to nail your goals – for optimal results in your work, life and business. I am BIG on MAKING SPACE for creativity and ease of being.”

Joy was a Professional Stage Manager at the Sydney Opera House for over two decades and delivered many other world class events. She is a practitioner of time, deadlines, execution and process and knows exactly how to integrate this into your busy life.

“We are all on this messy imperfect journey, that is uniquely human and flawed, but we can move forward with grace and ease, if we can reference a roadmap, made by those that have gone before us.”

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